Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Wishlist!

Today I am going to be posting my spring fashion wishlist so enjoy!
I love spring so much I mean pastel, girly, floral. How could you not love it? Anyway its my favorite time of the year because my wishlist goes from 3 things to 103..yeah that why its a wishlist not a shopping list. If you have any items that you really want this season leave them in the comments I would love to see them! Or if you have a spring wishlist link it below I would love to read it. I better get to the wishlist though, so lets get started. But, tell me i the comments if you like more worded posts or not. 
Lets get started! :)

Flower Child Fit & Flare Dress

$17.80 Forever 21

I really want this watch from

My Blogging Schedule

Hello lovely readers!
I wanted to post my blogging schedule because lately I haven't been on track with my blogging..oops. But, I am on track..starting now haha. Anyway My schedule is I will be posting every Friday and Wednesday.
Then I will be posting other posts on random days but, You will always see posts on Friday and Wednesday!