Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Spring Color Palette

For my spring color palette, I will be wearing light purple, pink, mint green, and pastel yellow. Seems pretty basic, I know but, when spring comes to mind what else could i think of? Maybe some bright colors or do I save those for summer. Spring can be different for everyone I mean some people wear skirts in March, while i'm wearing snow boots.
  One thing I never get about Spring Fashion is why everyone these days leave out the rain boots, I'd never wear any designer shoes outside if it was raining. My favorite look this Spring is to wear layers because well, I need to ( because its cold brr) so that's what I'm going to do wear pastel layers. Maybe some light wash boyfriend jeans would look super cute with a pastel purple sweater and some white heels? Hmm.. that has me thinking..well that's all for this post but, comment below whats your favorite spring look and don't forget to take part in this weeks poll!

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